Annual Grammy Award Live Streaming 2017

The Grammy Awards have been an American music institution for more than half a century. But what is the detailed meaning of “Grammy” anyway? “Grammy” is the short form of “Gramophone” Moreover the actual Grammy Awards known out every year are modeled following this prototypical record player. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences was established in 1957, and in 1958, a small group of music industry professionals starting the Grammy Awards, willing to focus honor and recognition of popular music of the top quality as well as reduce the rising popularity of the rock & roll type music. The Grammy award ceremony observes performances from famous artists and the presentations of most prestigious awards being broadcast to millions of television audience. Every year millions of music fan are waiting for watching the Grammy Awards live stream. The 59th “Annual Grammy Award Live Streaming 2017” function will be held on February 12, 2017. The CBS network will broadcast the entire program live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Grammy Award Live Streaming 2017



The first “Grammy Awards” ceremony was held in 1959 through 500 guests in attendance to observe the excellence in the music industry. NBC has broadcast the first “Grammy Awards” function as an important episode of NBC’s Sunday telecast, and a collection series usually highlight TV drama, plays along with different of programming. Since 1971, the broadcast was taking place as a series of taped once a year particular called The Best on Record, which permitted ceremonies to have occurred in both New York as well as Los Angeles so that winners can receive awards at the award function on their respective coasts. In 1971, ABC acquired the rights to the awards telecast moreover start broadcasting the Grammy Award live stream. Domenico Mondragon’s Nel Blu Dip into Di Blue was honored by the Record of the Year Award. After that non-English record is expected for the Grammy Awards’ highest honor.

Nomination or Awards Category


The “Grammy Awards” are awarded in groups of categories, each of which separates an outstanding performance to the recording industry. The actual awards list nominees in every category from which a final winner is selecting. Total 28 number of Grammys Award is awarding in the first Grammy award ceremony, but the total number of awards has raised and changed over time as new categories are including as well as few older ones are removed. Recently more than 80 categories are selected for award.

From those, some are special category awards, and that’s given bellow:

1.    Lifetime Achievement Award


Lifetime achievement award is present that person who shows his or her outstanding performance during their entire life and acts as a great contribution for significance for the recording industry.

2.    Trustees Award


Trustees Award is present that particular person who was giving exceptional contribution in music industry rather than performance in the recording.

3.    Technical Grammy Award


Technical Grammy Award is present that person who can make an outstanding contribution in significance technical field in the recording industry.

4.    Grammy Legend Award


Grammy Legend award was added Grammy Award since 1990. That award is presented for individual or groups ongoing contribution and inspiring in the recording industry.

5.    Grammy Hall of Fame Award


Grammy Hall of Fame award included since 1973 and presented for recordings honor of lasting qualitative otherwise historical consequence that is as a minimum 25 years old.

6.    MusiCares Person of the Year


MusiCares Person of the Year Award was started since 1991 to identify a musician who has to give an excellent contribution to music, and he or she has been continuously active in the effort of philanthropy.




Another award field is called General Field and this also known as Big Four. Those four General Field awards intended for musical performance which does not restrict nominees through type or some further criterion.

1.    Album of the Year


Album of the year award is presented for the performance of the full production team of an album.

2.    Record of the Year


Record of the year award is presented for the performance of the entire production team for a single song.

3.    Song of the Year


Song of the year award is presented to composer, writer of a single song.

4.    Best New Artist


Best new artist award is given for an artist with no position to a song or entire album.

There have also near 80 categories for giving highest honor for each category. For making this article more informative, I can escape mentioning all those category names. You can easily find all those names in Grammy Award official website.



The Entire Process of Grammy Award


The entire process starts with members as well as record companies submit their works, which are subsequently screening used for eligibility along with category placement. The Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences voting members, everyone involved here the creative with technical processes of recording, after that participate in the nominating procedure to facilitate to find out the total five finalists in each category and the final voting process which determines the final Grammy award winner name announcement in the award function night.

Recording Companies submit their work for Considering Grammy Award Process


Record companies and recording Academy members submit music and music videos during previous year which is the significant year for honor and recognition for the “Grammy Award” primary process.



In the screening session, there have more than 350 Recording Academy member experts in several fields are happen to make sure that go into recordings gather particular qualifications and have positioned in suitable fields like as Rock, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Country, Rap,  New Age, Latin and Classical along with others. The reason of screenings is not to put together artistic or technical judgments as regards the recordings however rather confirm that every entry is qualified and placed into its appropriate category.




In the early stage of nominating process Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences can send the ballots to all respected members due to the each category. For ensuring the standard of voting, all members directly vote in the particular areas of expertise. Each member can vote maximum 15 categories in various fields and additional four categories of General Field which is already showing in this article.  Ballots are tabularizing through the independent accounting firm of Deloitte.

Final Voting


In the last round is called final voting and Academy can send the ballots to the all respected voting members for select the final winner name. In this round special nominating committee members are also join and get the ballot for a vote the choose the Grammy Award winner name.

Grammy Award Function


In the last Grammy award function are taking place and millions of viewer are waiting for Grammy Award live stream and desire to see their favorite celebrity can win the most prestigious Grammy award. Until the main function night, nobody can know who or which group of people can finally win the “Grammy Award.”

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